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Thembi Bheka

Empowering Dreams. Transforming Lives.

Moving to Canada with just $5 in my pocket, I knew my life would never be the same again. Though I had no idea what the future held, deep down I believed that the path I was about to take would not only change my life but also the lives of many women I had left behind.

As I navigated life in a new country, I wondered how I would fulfill this dream of empowering women in Africa while working as an ICU Nurse. Though the dream seemed far-fetched, along the way, there were signs. Signs that I was meant for more, signs that the ICU was just another stop on the long journey God had envisioned for me.

Many years later, I look back with gratitude. Not only has God allowed me to touch the lives of women in Africa, but I have also graced many stages that once seemed far beyond reach, including Inbound, LaunchCon, Smart Passive Income, and Podfest, to name just a few.

This path, which God laid for me, continues to unravel with ease, grace, and favor. Who knew a girl from Zimbabwe, who never graduated from university, would find herself leading a company chosen to work with Stanford University?

If I can impact and inspire your audience to believe in the power of what I call a miracle in my life, so they can achieve greater results, I would be honored.

I believe that anyone, despite their background or history, can achieve their God-given purpose on this earth.

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Inspire and Motivate with Dynamic Speaking Engagements

Elevate your event with Thembi Bheka’s inspiring and action-driven speaking engagements. Known for her dynamic presence and transformative insights, Thembi captivates audiences and motivates them to take meaningful action.

Speaking Topics:

  • From $5 to Market Pioneer

  • Resilience Redefined

  • Empowerment Journey

  • Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship

  • Building a Freedom-Based Business


Transforming Potential into Excellence

  • Unlock Your Potential: Turn challenges into opportunities with personalized strategies and a tailored roadmap for your unique business goals.

  • Redefine Resilience: Cultivate a resilient mindset and learn techniques to navigate entrepreneurship's complexities with confidence.

  • Empowerment and Growth: Discover your unique abilities, leverage your strengths, and create impactful change for lasting success.

  • Purpose-Driven Business: Align your business with a higher purpose to drive meaningful impact and sustainable growth while generating profit.

  • Achieve Efficiency and Freedom: Build a business that runs smoothly without constant involvement through automation, streamlined operations, and strategic planning.

Insights For Success

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